Retractable Motorized Skylight Screen System 41

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Product Description

Many people love having skylights in their home, offices because they allow the natural light into our living spaces. However, in addition to allowing light in, they can allow damaging UV rays that discolor our hardwood floors, carpeting and furniture. As well, in the summer months, they can increase the temperature of your living space up to 15 degree and in winter allow valuable heat to be lost. All this increases our energy bills due to heating or air condition our space. Well Bravo manufactures a motorized retractable skylight screen that can help you solve these problems.

The M-41 is made to fit larger skylights. This model also can be used on any skylight and is able to be installed with inside or outside mounting. Their are two choices of mesh fabrics to choice from: the standard or solar screen materials. The solar fabric significantly reduces heat transfer and emittance of UV light, as compared to standard mesh.

Options for the M-41 system:

1. RTI (Ready To Install) it is Fully Cut to the sizes you have entered, less 1/16 of inch.

Opening Options:

1- Lenght Wise Pull Standard (Cassette fits on WIDTH side) Enter measurement as W x L (H)

2- Width Wise Pull (Cassette fits on Lenght Side) Enter measurents with L first. L x W (H) (Remember: W x L are reversed)

1. Use a steel measuring tape & Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch - don't round your measurements.

2. Reversing width and height when measuring. Width is the side-to-side measurement. Height is the top-to-bottom measurement. The width is always given before the height of the Door or window. For example, an order 48 x 72 would be manufactured 48 inches wide by 72 inches high. To avoid confusion, as you measure put a W next to width measurement and an H by the height measurement.

3. Not checking the measurements in three places on both the width and height of the door or window will cause in the wrong size. Use a ladder or stool to reach the top of high windows. Many windows are not square, so the width should be measured at the top, in the middle and at the bottom. Also check the height of the window in the middle and at both sides. When placing your order use the smallest size of the three measurements.

4. Not allowing for obstructions that will hamper the operation of the blind. The most common obstructions are inside the window frame are window cranks and handles. We can provide fold down window cranks for most windows.

Ordering from someone else. has the right products for you. Inside measurement is always on the Inside of the Frame. Outside measurement is always from outside of Moulding to outside of Moulding.