Motorized Screens Extra Wide can withstands wind upto 80 Mph--Screen mesh will not Pull out of the Tracks

Imagine your opening your entire home up - window treatments, door shades and skylights - with a press of a button. Well with Bravo Motorization, all this is available to you. This feature provides the ultimate in convenience, control and style. Is this an affordable option? With Bravo, YES!

At Bravo, we are a leading manufacturer of the finest quality motors and controls with the latest electronics. We are known for producing the smallest motorized units on the market.

We manufacture, sell and install a complete line of motorized products including: motorized shades for your windows, doors and skylights; motorized screens for your doors, windows and skylighst; motorized window treatments and motorized blinds.

Our products are in high demand with homeowners, home designers, contractors and architect.

                                                         NEW Product Clear Views for Large Openings

We at Bravo provide the most reliable and innovative products to revolutionize your home, office or living space to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Your home is unique, so why not buy the best power screens, motorized shades and motorized skylight shades and screens. Our products will enhance the beauty and improve the value of your home while allowing you to enjoy your beautiful views and natural ventilation with the press of a button.

At Bravo, we have both motorized and manual operating retractable screens. For manual operation, please visit us at Bravo Screens.

Motorized Retractable Screens units up to 236" (W) x 103" ( H) with many features and options available.

Retractable Screens for Large openings such as Open Patio, Veranda, folding & sliding dorrs up to   upto 128" x 185" H

Motorized products controlled through your TV remote ( including Tilt & Glide Door motorization). ADA Complaint Thresholds.

We at Bravo provide you more selection, professional expertise and personalized service in choosing the right products to best suit your needs. We have over 9.5 million units installed worldwide already. 

Our motorized shades and power screens can be mounted on in swing, out swing, French doors, porches, patios, windows, tilt n turn windows and skylights.

All Bravo products come with a Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction guarantee.
Our warranty is the best in the industry and even extends all products even if you install them yourself!


Windows, Entry Doors,  French Door, Patio Door, Porch Door, Balcony, Gazebo, Skylight and Garage Doors. Manufactured Homes, RV'S Trailers, Horse Trailers and Living quarters, Cargo-Sports- Motorcycle Trailers...

We have an array of fabric with our motorized shades including sun-control fabrics that are a great solution to help reduce the fading of your furniture, carpeting and hardwood floors while filtering out unwanted heat and glare.

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